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VT Private Investigations can trace and locate missing persons & assets throughout the UK and beyond. 

You can rely on our expertise

Whether it is a missing person or a hidden or misplaced asset, VT Private Investigations can help you trace and locate the individual or asset, provided you have a valid reason. We have the experience and the resources required to track down assets and locate people effectively and quickly. To discuss your requirements in detail, get in touch with us today.  
People-tracing services across the UK

We can trace and locate

  • Hidden/missing assets
  • Missing people, who could be:
  • Relatives
  • Long-lost friends
  • Beneficiaries 
  • Witnesses
If anytime during the course of the investigation it becomes evident that the concerned person has moved abroad, we have a network of associates overseas who can take care of international aspects.
Trace and locate
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