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Before making a commitment that could be painful and/or expensive to extricate yourself from, whether in a personal or business context, it can pay to check a person out.  

Relationship fraud

Relationship fraud is not just about personal relationships: Is he/she really a solicitor, osteopath, teacher, etc?  Is the name they're using their real name?

Every day many types of frauds happen across the world. However, nothing comes close to the devastating effect caused by personal relationship fraud, which is compounded by the fact that they can leave the affected person heartbroken and penniless at the same time. With the increasing popularity of online dating, the reported number of such cases are on a steep rise. If you are concerned about the fidelity of your partner or have doubts about their integrity, or if you feel there is something suspicious about a prospective partner, something that just doesn't quite add up, you can come to us. At VT Private Investigations, we have extensive experience in handling such discreet investigations. Before you make an emotional investment in someone, it is always better to learn about his or her true nature and intention. Do not hesitate to give us a call, if you are having doubts.                        
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Online dating scams

The rise in the number of online dating sites have caused the amount of people getting scammed and duped to increase considerably. Blinded by the need for companionship and love, many of us fail to see the pitfalls involved with this modern way of matchmaking, until it is too late. If you are concerned that you or one of your family members may be about to fall prey to such a scheming fraudster, we can help.      
Online dating scams
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