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VT Private Investigations offers a host of general investigation services. Where there is a need for information there is often a need for the services of a private investigator, e.g. to check out the competition and/or a particular director,  or perhaps  a company or individual owes you money and you want to get a handle on whether they have the means to pay before you invest time and money pursuing them through the courts.

Well-trained trained private detectives 

At VT Private Investigations, we have a proven record of undertaking a variety of contrasting assignments. In the past, as part of our general investigation services we have analysed websites, uncovered breaches in both company and data protection law, helped with Small Claims Court actions, assisted with the valuation of small businesses for potential purchasers, and more. We pride ourselves on working closely and transparently with our clients and will provide updates on the investigative progress we have made at all times. To discuss your individual requirements, give us a call today. 
Well-trained trained private detectives

Our general investigation services include

  • Background research
  • Pre-litigation research
  • Intelligence gathering
  • Fact-finding
  • Due diligence
  • Data analysis 
Even though we are experts in our field, we are not qualified to offer advice on legal aspects, which falls under the expertise of solicitors. However, you can always rely on us to provide alternatives for situations that are beyond our scope of expertise.        
Background research and intelligence gathering
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