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When it comes to background checks, there is no one more suited to help you than VT Private Investigations. What you learn could make ALL the difference!

Benefit from peace of mind 

A detailed background check on a person or company can generate a great deal of invaluable intelligence. Sometimes checks are done for benign reasons, other times not: If you have doubts regarding the veracity of a person in terms of their claim, motive or identity, background checks done by an experienced firm like VT Private Investigations can provide you with the information you need to give you reassurance, allay your reservations or confirm your suspicions. Armed with the information generated from a detailed background check, you will be much better equipped to make an informed decision, whether in the context of a professional investment; a prospective client or an acquisition, for example, or a personal investment in a potential significant other. Given that in today’s high-tech world falsifying information can be done with just a few keystrokes, a background check is a must to ensure that you do not miss out on important information. For more details, get in touchwith us today. 
Background checks by experts

Excellent track record 

In the past, VT Private Investigations has successfully undertaken checks on existing and prospective employees, business partners, life partners, neighbours, supposed friends, and companies. Our background checks are second to none in terms of detail and relevance, and come highly customised based on the level of check required by the client. Our service is not an automated one, where a standardised report is created within minutes by collating information found on official databases such as Companies House. Instead, we analyse documents and other types of information to establish and corroborate links that are less evident. Yes, advancement in modern technology and utilising computer programmes certainly aids investigation, but there are certain things that only a trained mind with experience will be able to interpret and deduce.            
Search print media archives and sanction lists

What we offer

  • Detailed comprehensive checks, which typically include:
  • Identity checks
  • Directorship history and cross shareholdings
  • CCJ and Bankrupty and Insolvency status
  • In-depth social media checks
  • Professional affiliations, registrations and memberships
  • Field-based checks
  • Consented checks, e.g. pre-employment checks, such as verification of academic qualifications and career history, credit history and CRB/DBS checks
We make it a priority to ensure that all checks are done legally and in full compliance with the relevant legislation including, but not limited to the Data Protection Act 1998, Human Rights Act 1998, Civil Procedure Rules 1998.                         
In-depth social media checks

Pre-investment research

Before entering into a business partnership, completing a company merger or making any kind of investment of importance and significance, e.g. switching trade suppliers, assessing the merits of legal action against someone who owes you money, undertaking detailed research on its viability is a necessary step. By enlisting our services, you can be confident that we will do an in-depth analysis of the information available in the public domain and combine it with that generated from detailed background checks on key directors. Such intelligence will aid you in achieving a thorough understanding of the concerned business, which you will not be able to figure out from looking at the company's annual report. Combined with specialist due diligence, such as that provided by forensic accountants, pre-investment research of both factual and ancedotal information can add a crucial enlightening layer of intelligence.  Information is power and before making any kind of commitment it can more than pay for itself to invest in acquiring information that can impact your livelihood.     

In addition, we also offer secure document delivery services and surveillance work.   
Pre-investment research
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